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My favourite gorilla links or new site - The best site with western lowland gorillas photos from the Gladys Porter Zoo (Brownsville, TX) - lagest collection of wonderful  photos from  Jim C. Smith and Sue L. Smith! - The best information site about gorillas. Gorilla Haven (GH) is very important project by Jane T. R. Dewar and C. E. Steuart Dewar. GH will provide a safe haven and/or temporary holding facility for zoo gorillas in need. - Very good site about Bongo group. Bongo is a silverback - western lowland gorilla, he and his group live in Apenheul Primate Park in The Netherlands. This site from Ronald van der Beek, every month he posted a new photo of Apenheul gorillas. 

mms:// - Web-camera. View gorillas at National Zoo (Smithsonian, Washington) - Web-camera. Gorillas at Praha Zoo.

Many other gorilla pictures you can find at,, Just write in search-box  "gorilla" or "lowland gorilla".

Books and Video in Russian

Gorillas - BBC - video  Very good video cassete - BBC

George B. Schaller - THE YEAR OF THE GORILLA     Dian Fossey - GORILLAS IN THE MIST Famous books by George Schaller and Dian Fossey

GORILLAS  Beautiful book for kids.

Tarzan - Video     Tarzan - Disney Interactive  ...beautiful gorillas from Disney's "Tarzan"

Book search engine [Rus] - will help to find and buy.  

       Other video...

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